Watch movies on Netflix with 2 subtitles, applicable when watching with a computer browser

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1. Opening

Surely, when you watch a movie on Netflix, you know that only one subtitle can be turned on. So what if you want to watch a movie with 2 subtitles in 2 different languages ​​appearing at the same time? In this article, I will show you how to watch movies with 2 subtitles in 2 different languages ​​on Netflix very simply.

This guide is for watching movies on Netflix with a computer browser, for other forms such as watching on phones and tablets, I will learn and post them later!

2. Install the browser extension

+ First you need to access the Chrome Web Store at this link: .

Some notes for you: To be able to install extensions from Chrome Web Store, you must use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any browser that uses Chromium.

+ Find and download the utility NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles) at this link: .

NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles) extension on Chrome Web Store.

3. Usage

This guide is done on Google Chrome, for other browsers you do the same.

+ Access the utility by clicking on the utility icon (located on the top right, next to the address bar), select the utility NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles) , then the utility interface will appear Up allows you to customize the main and subtitle font sizes, …

NflxMultiSubs 2021 (Netflix Multi. Subtitles) utility interface .

+ After completing the settings to suit yourself, you just need to select the movie to watch, then click on the subtitle icon in the video player frame, now the subtitle will have an additional Secondary Subtitles column.

Select the main subtitle and the second subtitle.

+ Choose the main subtitle, the second subtitle and enjoy the movie.

The main subtitle is in Vietnamese, the second is in English.

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5. Conclusion

Through the utility that I have shared, you can now watch movies on the Netflix platform with 2 subtitles using a computer browser with extremely simple operations. Perhaps, for many people, one subtitle is enough, but for those of you who are learning a foreign language, this is a very good way to both watch movies and practice a foreign language.

Finally, thank you for reading the article, if you find it interesting, please share the article to more people! I will be very happy for that!

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